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  • Have you ever completed an Microsoft Excel training course, but then struggled to apply your new knowledge to your own work?
  • Do you own a small business, and need help setting up simple budget or cash flow templates?
  • Do your find yourself doing monotonous Microsoft Excel work that 'takes forever', and leaves you no time for your 'real' job?
  • Do you really need Micrsoft Excel training, but your boss can't afford to have you out of the office for two days?

At Excel Angels, we believe that Microsoft Excel should be accessible to everyone. Microsoft Excel should be easy to understand, make your life easier, your time more efficient and your work look good. We firmly believe that the best way to train you in Microsoft Excel is at your desk, looking at the work you do every day. In this way, we can help to identify the best ways to increase efficiencies and improve the way your work is done.

There is no need to take time out away from your desk for a full training course. In a couple of hours we can teach you all you need to know that is relevant to the work you actually do. Our training is friendly, focused and very cost effective.

A sample of things we can teach you:

  •  Making sense of the new toolbar
  • Shortcut keys (never underestimate the power of not having to use a mouse)
  • Worksheet formatting
  •  Simple formulas
  •  Complex formulas
  • Creating charts
  • Analysing data through pivot tables
  •  Creating macros

In addition, we have the analytical skills to be able to assess what you are trying to achieve, and give constructive advice as to whether there is an easier way to do it.

Contact us....

Tell us what it is that you do, what you would like to achieve, and we'll estimate how much training time you need.

What does it cost?

Initial training session:

1 hour - 85

2 hours - 160

3 hours - 230

Additional training sessions:

 85 per hour.

1 month follow up support by email optional:


This includes travel costs to anywhere in Cork. Anywhere further, travel costs will apply.

Payment terms:

A 50 deposit to secure the training session, the balance payable on completion.

Please note that our training is focused on Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010. If you have an earlier version, we can still help you, but some of the functionality may not apply.

Did you know?

ɤ A simple vlookup formula can save you hours of time.

ɤ You can create basic macros to automatically update your data, pivot tables and charts, all with a touch of a button.


ɤ It is really easy to install a 'drop down' list, so that your data input is always correct.

ɤ Pivot tables, when used correctly, can analyse your data at all levels, clearly and succintly.



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